We see Taipei's urban data as

traces of movement flow

marks of built environment

manifestation of everyday lives

evidence for decision-making

Our mission

Our Mission

Cultivate evidence-based decision-making culture, derive insights from vast urban data, and enable a smarter and better city governance.

Why data?
Why urban intelligence?

Why Data? Why Urban Intelligence?

The "data" from the city has everything to do with our daily life, spanning living environment to traffic to social welfare to disaster response. The "Trail of Data" is often tackable in the technologically-advanced societies we live in today. To govern the city with a more effective and all-encompassing perspective, we must acquire in-depth understanding of various city data and transform these information into intelligence that could be utilized for decision-making.

Who we are

Who we are

We are a mission-based task force comprising members with expertise and backgrounds in various fields such as urban science, data analysis, and information engineering.

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What we do

What we do

We facilitate data-driven governance through two approaches: Data integration - setting up the infrastructure and bringing data across wide range of domains together; and Data analytics - conducting in-depth analysis for interdisciplinary urban issues and provide insights for better decision-making.

Cross-domain Data

Data Integration

In-depth Urban Analysis

In-depth Urban Analysis

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Contact and cooperation

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We proactively work with partners in the academia, industries, and social groups, seeking a win-win scenario for all. We welcome individuals and groups who are passionate about data-driven city governance to link up with us.

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